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Participants will be assisted with their search and be presented with options that are suited to their needs along with options that they may not have considered.READ MORE: * Block couple: 'We got hammered' * Record cinema turnout in NZ * The SKY is falling TV3 head of local production, John Mc Donald, is excited about the open casting call.Wunmi Mosaku plays DCS Olivia Greenwood, who was the investigating officer on the Linda Simms case and now works for counter-terrorism.Comedian John Bishop takes a rare dramatic turn as Emma’s boyfriend Steve Livesey.

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"We are open to anyone who is committed to getting into the property market and is open to getting some advice from the best in the business, including our broadcast partner nz."If you're interested in applying for the TV series, visit the online application.

Claire Claire is energetic, funny, likeable and risqué.

Having been married to the same person from age 22 to 47, Claire is now reliving her youth.

Lacey Lacey is strong, career-focused and ambitious.

She has no time for lazy people, doesn't like big parties and thinks Tinder sucks.She took up pole dancing two years ago, loves to have fun, and most definitely doesn't want a grumpy old man!